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Remote starter pricing


Thank you for your interest in our pricing structure.  We are not like many other stores,  we do not hide any fees and we have a 1 price mentality.  With that said here are some guidelines on what we consider a standard install.


What's included:

- interface module, or "bypass module"
- Standard T harness or soldered in installation
- Keyless entry, trunk pop (when available)
- Lifetime warranty on installation labor
Within this some vehicles (mainly European) require additional parts and labor.  In some rare cases brand new models of vehicles are not yet covered by our standard pricing.  Please call us to verify if your car falls under our standard price.
What's not included:


- Manual transmission Vehicles (add $150)

- Full Security (add $150)
- Most European vehicles (Audi, Volkswagon, BMW, Mercedes, Mini, etc) We do have solutions for almost any vehicle
- Upgraded features such as rear defrost and heated seat activation
- MN state sales tax

If you would like any upgraded features please contact us to get a quote, some cars are easier than others to activate those features.

Fill out the form below or call us to book an appointment or if you have any questions!

Thanks! Message sent.

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