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What is a Bypass module, and why does my car need one?

Here at A Class Sounds we get a ton of questions based around remote start systems. There is a lot of false information on the internet and even when you call a store you may feel they aren’t telling you the whole story. In this article our goal is to explain to you what a “Bypass” is and why your car needs one.

What is a bypass module, and why does my car need one?

In modern vehicles a key isn’t just a key anymore, have you ever had a replacement made and noticed they don’t cost a couple bucks anymore? The number 1 reason for that is because in a majority of new/modern vehicles have transponder chips inside them that tell the vehicle that it is ok to start. Some manufactures (like Honda and Toyota) call this an Immobilizer.

Transponder Chip? How does that work?

A transponder chip is an electronic portion of your key that when you put your key into your ignition (or on push to starts you push the button), an antenna near or on the key cylinder (or push button) picks up the signal from the key and sends that code to your vehicles computer. If the code is correct your vehicle will start/stay running, if the computer does not recognize the code then it will either not start or will shut off within a second or 2. This system is very simple yet effective at stopping people from being able to hotwire a vehicle.

What does this have to do with a “Bypass” for remote start?

A remote start system is essentially a fancy hotwire. (Now don’t take that the wrong way, remote start systems are very secure and very safe!) However because we need to trick the vehicle into starting and stay running remotely we need the key codes to be presented at the correct time. Even though our team here at A Class Sounds does an amazing factory-esque installation of the remote start system, if the car does not have those key codes it will not start remotely, and unfortunately stays cold if it is wintertime. The “bypass” or Security Interface Module as we like to call it takes care of the key codes for us with some simple programming.

Interface Modules allow secure and safe remote starting of your vehicle

Here at A Class Sounds we only use the best state of the art technology for our customers. Idatalink, firstech, directed, fortin, Eurostart, Midcity Engineering, etc are all trusted and proven brands that can handle the key codes or factory security systems. You can rest assured that we are integrating INTO your vehicle, not bypassing anything. With the help of these companies we can properly, and safely provide your vehicle with the information it requires to start remotely as if it came from the factory like that.

Are there other methods or brands?


As with anything there are other brands and methods to get the job done. However, we do not wish to remove any features you currently have if possible, this is why we do not give an option to do the install “cheaper”. Removing any factory installed security system is certainly ill-advised and foolish. There is only a handful of vehicles on the road today that do not have interface modules available for them, if your vehicle is one of them we will explain all of the risks involved in adding a remote start system to your car before we proceed.

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