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Why Do I need a Remote Start?

3 Key Reasons you need a Remote Starter

In this article I am going to outline 3 Key reasons you and everyone else in Minnesota need to have a remote start.

Reason #1: TIME


You are not just buying a means to start your car from a distance, you are buying time every day. In the morning instead of getting all ready just to go out and start your freezing cold car, scrape its windows and take half your ride shivering. You can simply press a button while you are getting ready and your car will warm up with little to no need to scrape any windows and no freezing on your way to wherever you are going. They also work great for cooling down your car on those super hot days.



With a properly installed remote starter you are able to securely start your vehicle to where no one can steal it. All remote starters have safety switches installed to where if someone did attempt to steal your car it will immediately shut the vehicle down (via brake press or in some cases door open). That's right, all those ho

rror stories about people leaving their car running at a gas station and coming out to the car gone are no more! With Compustar's pit stop function you can pull up to a location, simply press the remote start button on your remote and remove your key creating a secure running car where no one can steal it. In certain MN counties starting your vehicle and leaving the keys in your ignition (un-attended) is actually against the law! You can avoid a costly ticket by simply having a remote start system installed.

Reason #3: RE-SELL VALUE


It may come as no shock that living in Minnesota people seek out this convenience feature often when buying a new car. So much so that a lot of car manufactures have started offering this function in brand new cars.

When owning vehicle it is a major investment. Whether it is brand new off the lot or just simply new to you, your vehicle is crucial to your daily life. Integrating into a vehicles electrical system can be a confusing and in some cases (german/exotic/etc) can be very very expensive. At A Class Sounds we have the ability and knowledge to ensure your investment is protected. We solder every connection or use factory style harness’ for a seamless LIFE LONG installation.

Stop by or give us a call today to discuss your specific situation!

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